Share data better with Data Everywhere.

What is Data Everywhere?

Data Everywhere makes it simple for spreadsheet users to synchronize, share, and collect data. Data Everywhere’s spreadsheet add-ins take data from your existing spreadsheets and automatically send it to other authorized people, spreadsheets, and applications. Data Everywhere can also import data from other spreadsheets, no matter where they are located. You won’t need to change your workflow, or stop using Excel, or upload your spreadsheets to a website. Data Everywhere stores a history of all of your changes, so you can always know who changed what and when.

How does it work?

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Select the cells in your existing spreadsheet and click publish. Our add-in synchronizes your data.

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Share Data

Now, add this data to your other workbooks. Move or reorganize the source spread sheet without breaking the destination workbooks. No more broken workbook links.

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Your data, everywhere.

Your data will be instantly available in other spreadsheets. Our REST API makes your data available in databases, phones, websites, and other applications.

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