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Reinstalling the Data Everywhere Add-In

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To completely reinstall the Data Everywhere add-in, take the following steps. Reinstalling the Add-In does not touch your data; it will continue to be available as it usually it the next time you start Microsoft Excel.

  1. Save all open work and completely close Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open the “Add or Remove Programs” dialog in the Windows Control Panel. If you are unsure how to open this dialog, follow these instructions for Windows 7, or these instructions for Windows 8.
  3. In this dialog, locate the “Data Everywhere” item. Once clicked, an “Uninstall” link should appear in the toolbar above the listing. Click this to uninstall the add-in.
  4. Download and run the Data Everywhere installer to complete reinstallation of the add-in.
  5. Restart Microsoft Excel.