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Publishing data via email

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Data Everywhere has the capability to publish new feed revisions by processing emails containing the data you want in a feed. Currently supported formats for the data include:

If you need support for other formats (such as an XLS or XLSX attachment), please contact Data Everywhere support and we will be happy to assist you.

Data Everywhere will provide a unique and random email address that you can send or forward your data to, which will then be turned into a data feed you can insert in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets via our client add-ins. History of the data feed as it changes over time will be fully tracked so you can see the frequency and content of changes made to the data.

If you have multiple attachments on the email, you can tell a Data Everywhere feed to read only a particular attachment. Edit the feed, and set the “CSV Attachment Name” field. If this field is populated, then Data Everywhere will only read an attachment whose name contains this text. For example, if your attachment is named “COMPANY_RESULTS_2015-08-08.csv”, where the date portion was changing each day, your CSV Attachment Name should read “COMPANY_RESULTS”, so that the date portion of the file name will be ignored.


Email-based publishing is currently undergoing beta testing. To participate, please forward an email to with the data you’d like to publish on a regular basis, and we will work with you to ensure you are able to publish via email.