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Installing the Google Sheets Add-On

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Installing the Google Sheets Add-on is simple. Once installed, it will be available in all of your Sheets documents.

To get started quickly, navigate to the  Data Everywhere Add-On Store page (the add-on is free) and install from there.

Detailed instructions

In your Google Sheets spreadsheet, click the “Add-ons” menu, then click “Get add-ons…”

In the search bar in the upper-right, search for “Data Everywhere” and hit the Enter key.

When Data Everywhere appears, click the “+ Free” button to install the add-on.

The Data Everywhere Add-on is now installed. Follow the steps shown to begin using it. You will be able to register a new account if necessary, or you can use your existing account.

If you have more questions or run into any trouble, please contact Data Everywhere support so we can help.