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Sharing data between Excel and Google Sheets

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Sharing Data from Excel to Google Sheets

This overview video is a great way to get started.

  1. Click “Login” in Excel in the Data Everywhere ribbon and log in with your Data Everywhere username and password.
    Don’t yet have our Excel add-in? Head over to our Excel Add-In download page to grab it.
  2. Go to the sheet that contains your existing data in Excel and highlight the table of data you want to share.
  3. Click “Create” in the Data Everywhere ribbon and give your feed a name and optional description. If you need other users of Data Everywhere to be able to access this data, you can put their email addresses in the Viewers or Editors box. If it’ll just be you using it to share between Excel and Google Sheets, no need to add anything. Click “Create” at bottom of the dialog, and now you have a feed!
  4. Go to your new or existing Google spreadsheet, and click the “Sign in to your Data Everywhere account” link (if you haven’t already) and Authorize Google Sheets.
    Don’t yet have our Google Sheets add-on? Learn how to install it by following our Google Sheets add-on installation instructions.
  5. Click the “Insert Feed” button, and choose the feed you created in Excel. Now, this feed will be synced across both spreadsheets.
  6. Every time you add or change data in Excel and want it to show up in your Google Spreadsheet, click “Publish” on the Data Everywhere ribbon in Excel. After that, you’ll see a message in Google Sheets that an update is available. Just click “Refresh All” and you’ll pull the new data into your Google Sheet.