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Data size limits for feeds

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Data Everywhere has no explicit limit on the amount of data you can publish. However, performance may decrease when you publish feeds with substantial amounts of data. Additionally, some spreadsheet programs may limit the amount of data we can transfer in and out of the application. 

Microsoft Excel Add-In

The Excel Add-In has been tested with publishing 10,000+ rows. Performance of creation, publish, insertion, and refresh depend directly on the number of rows and cells shared in a data feed.

Please contact us if you run into any issues with operations timing out or taking too long, and we will be happy to help troubleshoot your particular use case.

Google Sheets Add-On

Google Sheets performance is also variable based on the amount of data in a feed. As an add-on in Google Sheets, we are limited to transferring 10 MB of data in a service call to the Data Everywhere cloud database. This usually means a feed in Google Sheets is limited to around 500,000 cells.

Note that although the new version of Google Sheets has lifted many of the restrictions in the old version, it is still limited to around 2 million total cells (or fewer depending on the specifications of your computer and browser).