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Deleting a feed in Excel

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This article will help you determine the easiest way to remove or delete a Data Everywhere feed in Excel. If you are looking to delete a feed in Google Sheets, please see the related articles section for further help.

I want to stop updating from Data Everywhere, but keep the data

In the Data Everywhere ribbon, click the “Manage Feeds” button. Locate the feed you wish to disconnect from Data Everywhere, and click the “Unlink” button.

I want to stop updating from Data Everywhere, and remove the data

Follow the above steps to unlink the feed. If you wish to delete the entire worksheet, simply right click on the worksheet tab and click “Delete” in the menu. If you need to selectively delete a part of the worksheet, follow normal procedure by selecting the cells you wish to remove, right-clicking, and choosing “Delete…”.

I want to remove the data from Data Everywhere completely

Follow the above steps to unlink the feed from Data Everywhere. Next, click the “Manage my feeds online” link at the bottom-left of the manage feeds dialog. From here, you can click the “Delete” action next to the feed you wish to remove from Data Everywhere.

Note that deleting the feed from Data Everywhere will cause all other viewers and editors of the feed to lose the ability to make or receive updates. Use caution when deleting a feed.

If you do not see the “Delete” action listed next to the feed on the feed listings page, you are not the creator of the feed and do not have permission to remove it. Please ask the owner of the feed to delete it if necessary.