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Enable automatic updates of data

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To enable automatic updates of feed data in Excel, place your cursor in the feed you wish to have automatically updated and click the “Edit Details” button in the Data Everywhere toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the “Manage Feeds” dialog to select your feed and open the edit details dialog.

The edit feeds dialog will allow you to adjust the notification settings for the selected feed. All of these options are explained here.

Available Notification Options

  • Prompt me when updates are available – when the feed has been changed, a dialog box will show to give the user the option to update the data in their local spreadsheet.
  • Update automatically – when the feed has been changed, the spreadsheet will be updated as soon as possible with the new data. Note that unpublished local changes to the feed may be lost using this option, and no prompt to the user will occur to let them know the data was changed.
  • Do not notify me on updates – when the feed has been changed by you or someone else in another workbook, no automatic update or prompt will happen. The manage feeds dialog will have a refresh needed icon displayed next to the feed, and the “0 Updates Available” text in the Data Everywhere ribbon will change to indicate an update is available.