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Trouble inserting feeds in Excel

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The insert dialog box may show an error similar to the following:

We could not insert this feed. Please close and reopen the dialog box to try again and/or contact us at

If you see this error, check the following:

  • Feeds must be inserted into an existing workbook. If you do not have a workbook open, please open one before trying to insert a feed.
  • Feeds cannot be inserted on a protected worksheet or into a protected workbook. Please ensure you have unprotected the sheet and/or workbook.
  • If you are trying to insert a feed on an existing sheet with a data table, you must ensure the incoming data won’t overlap with any existing table on the sheet.
  • If the feed was created in Google Sheets, it may have unsupported formulas that the Excel add-in doesn’t know about. Please contact us if you think this is the case so we can diagnose and fix support for the affected formulas. For example, Excel limits string arguments to formulas to 255 characters, while Google Sheets has no limit.

If you continue to experience trouble inserting feeds, please contact Data Everywhere support via email or chat so we can help you.