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Excel VBA and macro support

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VBA and Macro Overview

The Data Everywhere Excel add-in exposes a few hooks for VBA macros to use. The following operations are supported via VBA subroutines and functions:

  • Refresh a feed
  • Refresh all feeds
  • Publish a feed
  • Publish all feeds

Using VBA Integration

The first step is grabbing the Data Everywhere VBA module file that should be included in your workbook. The file can be downloaded here:  Data Everywhere VBA module

Instructions are included in the file, or you can follow them here:

  1. Open the Visual Basic editor in Excel. (Alt-F11)
  2. In the “Insert” menu, click “Module“. You should now have a new empty module available in your workbook named something like “Module1“.
  3. In the properties pane, rename the module to “DataEverywhere“.
  4. After renaming the module, double click the “DataEverywhere” module name under “Modules” in the project explorer to ensure it is open.
  5. Copy and paste the entire block of code, including the “Option Explicit” statement and these comments, into the new module.

Example Code

To call functions and subroutines in the DataEverywhere module, simply refer to them with the ” DataEverywhere” prefix.

Refresh All Feeds
Call DataEverywhere.RefreshAll(ActiveWorkbook, False)
Publish All Feeds
Call DataEverywhere.PublishAll(ActiveWorkbook, False)

If you are in need of additional automated operations, please contact us so we can chat and hear more about your use case.