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Publish Data From A Database

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You can use the Data Everywhere Database Connector to retrieve data from a database, and make it available for use by all other Data Everywhere connectors on Google Sheets, Excel, and other databases. Please start with this article for an overview of the installation and basic configuration of the Connector. Please see this article for an explanation of how to configure the Connector for inserting data into your database.

The Connector is controlled by the file connections.ini, which contains a Query block for each feed that needs to be synchronized. You may have as many queries as you wish.

A Sample Query For Reading A Database

[Query SampleQuery]


ConnectionString=User ID=postgres;Password=password;Host=localhost;Port=5432;Database=test;


Query=select * from test_table

Again, In Detail

 The connection details are covered in this article. The new line is the Query line, which specifies how to get the data.

Query=select * from test_table

The database query to execute. 

The existing columns and rows of the feed will be overwritten by the data from the query. Column headers will not be changed. ALL EXISTING DATA IN THE FEED WILL BE REPLACED.

It is highly recommended that you test the configuration using the command line prompt in Windows. Try running the query as “DatabaseConnector.exe -q SampleQuery”, and resolve any errors reported by the Connector.