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Running The Database Connector On A Mac

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The Database Connector will work on Mac and Linux, but it does require that you install the Mono framework. Mono is an open-source library that runs Windows programs (programs written in C#) on Mac and Linux computers. You will need to download Mono from their website at

After installing Mono, open a new command terminal and type “mono –version” to verify that Mono has successfully installed. Download and unzip the Database Connector, and then open a Terminal in the Database Connector directory (“cd” into that directory; you can confirm that you are in the right place by typing “pwd”).

The commands for working with the Database Connector are no different from the Windows install, except that the DatabaseConnector.exe will need to be invoked with Mono, as “mono DatabaseConnector.exe -q YourQuery”. All commands, and all configuration, are otherwise unchanged.

We recommend using cron to schedule the Database Connector on Mac and Linux; a brief overview article is available at