The Data Everywhere Database Connector brings data from your local database - which may or may not be accessible from the internet - to a Data Everywhere feed. Once the data is on a Data Everywhere feed, you may access it from any of our connectors from any location, or even from our JSON API.

The Data Everywhere Database Connector is a program that is installed on your computer or server. You configure the connector with the queries you wish it to execute against your database, and the connector sends the results of those queries to a Data Everywhere feed. The connector can push data on whatever schedule you configure it for.

The connector supports SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or any other database that supports the ODBC standard. You will need a basic knowledge of SQL in order to make effective use of the connector.


  • Publish data out to other systems, via Data Everywhere
  • View a full history of all changes to the data
  • Support for all major database types
  • Schedulable via Windows Scheduler; publish data as often as you wish