Sheets Connector - an Add-on For Google Sheets

Data Everywhere's Sheets Connector is a Sheets Add-on. It is available from the Google Sheets Add-on store, and is installed into your Google Sheets applications on Google's servers. It gives your Google Sheets spreadsheets the ability to communicate directly with Data Everywhere. Your spreadsheets can now send and receive data automatically with Data Everywhere, and with any other system that is integrated with Data Everywhere via a Data Everywhere connector.


  • Automatically retrieve data from other systems, via Data Everywhere
  • Publish data out to other systems, via Data Everywhere
  • View a full history of all changes to the data

System Requirements

The Sheets Connector supports "New Version" Google Sheets documents. All documents created since March 2014 are automatically on the "New Version", and older documents can be converted to the new system.